sooo, here's the first blogpost in a series called "things i've made last year but haven't posted yet" ;) 
i really needed a new pair of mittens as my kochoran mittens were completely worn out after 5 years of good use. i mended the thumb several times, which is fine, but they were starting to get thinner and thinner, and too cold for winter. i ordered some Drops Nepal online (to get free shipping on the yarn winder i wanted to buy, we all know how that goes), in a gorgeous grey-blue-ish colour.

for the mittens i used the staff mittens pattern, because i loved the cable/seed-stitch combinaton. i really liked this pattern, although i would use a different thumb inset if i were to knit them again. i knit them a bit too big so there was room for a fleece lining.
 next up was a hat. i wanted something that matched the cable/seed-stitch from the mittens. i considered several patterns but decided on the Peasleeville hat, which had an interesting construnction (you knit the cabled headband first, then pick up stitches for the hat), and a more complex cable pattern... 
 to make sure i wouldn't have to frog or start over, i worked with life lines after each cable repeat. the cable part was the hardest part, obviously, and after that i finished it in a couple of evenings. 
   i made the hat a bit longer to get a slouchy effect, which hides my bun a bit. and, for extra warmth, i also hand-sewed a fleece lining in the hat. the color of the fleece is not exact, but who cares? :)
 i must say, i'm not 100% convinced of how the hat looks on me. it's just not entirely "my style"... i think i have yet to find the perfect hat pattern for me and my ever-lasting bun. i'm tempted to give headbands a try but i'm afraid my head will be cold. has anyone got any experience with that?

but, all in all, i'm still very pleased with how this set turned out. :)


  1. These all turned out beautifully~
    Thanks so much for sharing this awesome set that you made.
    Also, personally speaking the fleece lining adds just the right kind of 'pop' to the entire design. You made a good choice. haha.

  2. Oh zeg, zo'n zalig setje! Heel mooi, vind ik. Geen ervaring met hoofdbanden, want zelfs die zijn voor mij vaak nog te warm. :) Ik gebruik enkel oorwarmers op de koudere dagen. Stefan draagt mijn mutsen zelfs vaker dan ik, haha!

  3. Geweldig mooi allemaal! Ik zou wel eens willen proberen om zo een gevoerde muts of handschoen te breien. Moet je dan veel groter breien?

    1. Dankje!! De muts was eigenlijk niet met opzet veel groter gebreid, de band zorgt er gewoon voor dat hij was "vaster" zit. (Mocht sowieso wel gezien dat die kabelband niet rekt zoals bvb boordsteek). De wanten heb ik wel groter gebreid dan ik anders zou doen, in dit geval een steek of 4 denk ik. Alleen ben ik vergeten dat je er ook in de lengte rekening mee moet houden, door de voering zijn ze tamelijk "kort". Ik heb het ook voor de wanten eens getest na want 1, zo kon ik nog opnieuw beginnen indien nodig. :) een beetje op gevoel dus!

  4. Supermooi! Dat van die lifeline ga ik eens uitzoeken...


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