some time ago, when i was buying new yarn for a new knitting project, i didn't even realize that i made 2 crafty new years resolutions in the beginning of the year. my boyfriend kindly reminded me of my resolutions when i was bragging about the new yarn i got and how well it suits my new projects... it got me thinking and i had to share:

resolution #1: 
finish all WIP's before starting ANYTHING new.
this one started out good, really good actually. after i finished Paulie, i finished my pair of monstersocks and started crocheting like crazy on my hexagon blankets. so far so good. but then some friends were expecting babies and how am i supposed to NOT knit baby stuff? on the bright side: i did manage to finish all baby knits without knitting or crocheting anything new in between. except for that tiny house keychain i made last week, but hey, i needed that!

on to resolution #2:
do NOT buy new yarn.
 i checked my stash some months ago and i have so many yarn... it's ridiculous. i can easily knit two years with yarn from my stash only... the problem with my stashed yarn is that i didn't buy it with a particular project in mind. so, when i want to start a new project (like baby stuff), i can't find *exactly* the yarn i'm looking for. and i HAVE to go and get some new yarn. i did decide for myself that IF i buy new yarn, i can only buy it with a specific project in mind and i have to finish the project as soon as possible.

now, to try and remind myself of resolution #1, i'm going to make a list in the side bar with my current WIPS. it might help if i visualize it...  and i'm also sharing some photos of the biggest WIP's i have to finish... i started these hexagon blankets in 2011 (!!) and 2013...

the biggest problem with the first is that i never get around to putting all the hexagons together...
i started this crazy hexagon blanket somewhere in 2013, i think. progress on this one is faster (join as you go!!) and it's also crocheted with a bigger hook so that helps too.

do you have knitting/crocheting resolutions or rules you stick by? please do share! :)


  1. Loving the second to last hex blanket wip, those colors are just gorgeous. Excited to see it grow!

    Knitting resolutions..oh right! I had some too and completely forgot!
    Really nice of your boyfriend to be able to kindly remind you, I recall mine telling me that it can sometimes feel like walking a minefield when he points out anything stash-acquisition related..I better tone it down.
    This year's resolutions for me were pretty simple:
    • create many comfy socks for me and the bf,
    • and your 'finish WIP's first!" resolution. (which I haven't really been too bad on..)
    • learn to crochet (which hasn't happened just yet because of the above rule)

    If you feel sometimes stuck in your stash, might I suggest matching yardages/weights to your ravelry faves? Maybe you can make a nice gift or two for a friend or coworker, I'm sure they'll be appreciated!

    1. hah, boyfriends. ;) we have some rules at home: no more than 2 yarn/WIP-baskets in the living room, and no needles lying around, especially not on the floor. there was a little incident where he accidently stepped on a DPN... ouch.

      i think i need to make an inventory of my stash first, and add it on ravelry. :) if i see how much i have, i'm less tempted to buy new yarn. and matching yardages/weights is an excellent idea! thank you!!

  2. Ik heb nog altijd een deken af te werken dat ik bijna 3 jaar geleden begonnen ben. Als ik ziek ben of eens tijd heb - wat jammer genoeg niet veel gebeurd - haak ik een paar vierkantjes bij. Heb zelfs extra wol gekocht om er een groter deken van te kunnen maken, hihi. Nuja, dat heb ik gedaan omdat ik anders nooit meer aan die wol zou kunnen geraken.

    Wel een heel leuk idee om al je projecten ergens bij te houden. Ik wil er zelfs niet aan denken hoe lang mijn balk zou zijn moest ik al mijn projecten opsommen.

    Veel succes alleszins!

    1. ooh ja, dat deken ken ik, dat gaat héél mooi zijn als het af is. :) ik vrees ook dat ik wol ga tekort komen voor het eerste hexagon-dekentje, ik hoop maar dat ik kleuren heb gekozen die nog gemakkelijk verkrijgbaar zijn... en anders wordt het een klein dekentje hehe. :)

      ik zit al een hele tijd op ravelry, da's echt heel handig om je projecten bij te houden, inspiratie op te doen, patronen te vinden en zo. :)


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