after my last post i've been really motivated to really do something about my "bad" habits! i finished knitting all the baby stuff and started crocheting like crazy on my hexagon blanket!

i did this while enjoying the lovely weather the last weekends... :) life as it should be! ;)

our chickens were enjoying the sunshine too. aren't they the cutest? 

i also reorganised my stash and put it all on ravelry, which was a suggestion from Britney from bapsicrafts. this way i can match yardages/weights to my ravelry faves and knit/crochet away! it's also good to see what i have, which is obviously a lot more difficult when it's all stuffed in a box in the basement. :) turns out i have enough yarn for 9 pairs of socks, at least two or three baby sweaters and wristwarmers or gloves. and this is only the first box of three... oh-ooow!
oh and here's a sneak preview of one of the baby knits... so, so adorable. but more about that later!


  1. I started putting all my yarn on Ravelry a few years ago, and it's super helpful. It's also a constant wake-up call: I have too much! The most helpful thing has been logging my needles. It has saved me from buying some unnecessarily more than once. Oh, and your hexagon blanket is looking great!


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