ohh dear, has it really been more than a month since my last blogpost? oops! ;) 
i wish i could give you a big update but unfortunately not much happened; i resisted the urge to start new projects and my mind is now set on finishing things... you know i've got a lot of W.I.P.'s, so this is actually a really good thing!

and ofcourse, i've been working on paulie! i finished the first sleeve yesterday and started on the second sleeve today. i had quite some trouble with the sleeves... i didn't measure my arm size and thought the S that i'm knitting would be fine. i already knit 1/3rd of the sleeve when i decided to try it on and it was so tight, i just couldn't believe it. turns out i have to knit the L size for my arms to fit... so i ripped back all of it and started over, picking up way more stitches than i was supposed to for the S size.

long story short, one sleeve is now finished and it fits perfectly. lesson learned: measuring is important! here is a photo of the sleeve a couple of days before i finished it.

i've also been knitting and crocheting little hats for the innocent smoothies campaign. they collect small hats to sell with the smoothies, and the profits go to charity. i made 25 hats, which is not so much but every little bit counts, right? i had a lot of fun making these and finishing them with different pom-poms and crochet flowers. :)
that's all for now! :)


  1. Oh, die mutsjes, fantastisch!
    En je Paulie natuurlijk ook. Gij schiet echt nogal op!

  2. The hats are a wonderful Christmas knit! I am having sleeve troubles too. Only mine is row count with a fair isle pattern. I'm just not sure how I'll add length. I'm glad you found a way to customize Paulie. I find that I always knit sleeves with a little different tension than the body.

  3. O, die mutsjes! Zo lief en goed van je!

  4. Your sweater is looking gorgeous! I just finished the sleeves on my Levenwick last night and they are a little snug. I'm going to wait until I finish the rest of the sweater and then decided whether or not to rip back. Sometimes, stepping away from an issue and coming back to it later helps.


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