i'm back with another blogpost about paulie! :)
  today, i finished the body and started knitting on the sleeves. i love how it looks already, the fit is great and i love those bright stripes. i only hope blocking will even out some of my wonky stitches.  
sorry, picture overload.. :) 

it's not finished yet, but so far, i can recommend this pattern to anyone who's new to knitting sweaters/cardigans. it's well written, easy to follow and a good tv-knit once you're knitting the stripes. those stripes also make a bit more interesting. :)


  1. It's so pretty, love the yellow accent!

  2. Wauw, dat gaat nogal vooruit bij jou! Hij wordt prachtig!

  3. oh, hij ziet er nu al prachtig uit.
    ik ben erg benieuwd naar het resultaat, spannend!

  4. Oh, awesome! You're finally making Paulie. I know you've wanted to for a while. Your colors were just the ones I wanted for mine, but I went with a darker grey and a darker green stripe because it was all I could find at the time. I'm interested to see what your button choices will be. Great work!

  5. Mooooi! Dat schiet goed op! Dat gaat zo leuk zijn om je eerste zelfgemaakte trui aan te doen!
    Bij mij ligt alles eventjes stil maar nu ik dit zie begint het terug te kriebelen. Binnenkort vind ik misschien terug wat tijd. Ik hoop het!


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