today was the first good day of spring, it was finally warm enough to sit outside in the sun... and i had my first outdoor knitting session of this year. :) we also went on a bike ride today! my batteries are all charged and i'm longing for more days like this.
 my simple lines shawl is coming along quite nicely. remember i'm making a colour blocked-shawl? i added the second colour, which is a warm grey or a deep beige or whatever. :) sometimes i wish i chose a more daring colour combination, but i do think these colours bring out the stripe pattern... and they are so neutral they will go with many of my spring/summer clothes.... what do you think about the colour combination?
oh... and it's getting quite big, too. :)


  1. Zo groot al! Ik vind het mooie kleuren, je zou misschien inderdaad een zachter grijs kunnen combineren met een feller kleur. Maar het is zoals je zegt: het past bij alles. :)

    Vandaag was gewoon een zalige dag!

  2. Prachtig! Zowel het model als de kleuren zijn perfect!

  3. I really love that colour combination, Severien. I know what you mean but I think you'll use it more in this colour, don't you think? :) Beautiful stitches. Kx

  4. Altijd jaloers op zo'n blogposten, ik wil dan direct op de bank kruipen met de naalden!


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