i've got this friend Lissa, she is one of those people i wish i could steal a little piece of personality from. we've been penpals for years now and we usually send eachother birthday gifts by post... but we've both been incredibly busy and so this cowl has been lying in a drawer for at least 10 months. until last week, when we finally met again! we had some serious catching up to do... also on the birthday gifts. :)
the cowl is again the martha cowl, like the one i made for my sister some years ago. i don't feel like i made the same cowl again, this one is so different because i used different yarn.
i also finished this one with a crochet bow, because i wasn't sure Lissa would like flowers... and i made it into a brooche, so she can decide wether she wants to wear it on her scarf, or on her cardigan... or not wear it at all.
so, bottom line, i couldn't be happier to have this cowl out of my drawer and around her neck (i think, because it's still rrrreaally cold here)! and i think i will have to make a martha cowl for myself too.
but lets try and finish some other projects first. :)


  1. What a lucky friend! Echt, keimooi alweer :-)

  2. man toch, veruit het mooiste compliment dat ik ooit gehad heb die eerste regel.. touching zenne :)

    en jij bent nu dus officieel verantwoordelijk voor mijn voltallige collectie lievelingssjaals he! hoedoejehettoch.

    heel heel veel liefs

  3. super mooi zeg!!!



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