so most of you guessed right! i was indeed making a skirt, the famous A-line by mme zsa zsa!
and look! after quite some messing around with pattern paper and a fight with an invisible zipper...
a skirt!
  this is actually just a test-version of a skirt i want to make with a pretty bright blue flowery fabric my mother in law gave me.. :) but it turned out good enough for wearing!
i also made it with a lining because the fabric i used was rather thin, and the skirt i have in mind also requires a lining...
i already have two or three other skirts in mind with fabric i already have...
hmmm... this skirt thing might become addictive!


  1. Het is een heel mooi rokje geworden! Zeer mooie kleur ook. :)

  2. 't ziet er goed uit! kheb ook jaaaarenlang muntgroene stof op de plank liggen gehad. uiteindelijk heb ik er wat in geknipt en geplakt voor andere projectjes, maar is er niets concreets van gekomen... spijtig, muntgroen is mooi :)

  3. Wauwie, mooi geworden! Ben benieuwd naar uw andere stofjes :)

  4. Mooie kleur! En tof zo die voering!


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