today we woke up extremely early - 5 am - because we were selling at the fleamarket! once a year there's a big fleamarket in turnhout, my boyfriends hometown. when we moved last year, we sorted loads of things out and we decided it was about time to finally get rid of all the stuff. 
it was an extremely busy fleamarket, and we almost had to return home because there were so many sellers! but we got lucky and had a great selling spot in the end... :)
the fleamarket is also the reason i've been neglecting my swatch-a-week project. i am currently two swatches behind... oops! i've been really busy sorting, cleaning and washing all my stuff, which was actually a lot of fun to do and brought a lot of memories too. the blue floral dress, for instance, was my favorite dress in my first year of art school. :) now it will make a nice summer dress for a pretty blonde girl (who looked great with the blue)! that's really what i love about fleamarkets... all the stories!! :)

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