i have all these basic t-shirts in my closet, t-shirts i only wear for gardening or cleaning. there is nothing wrong with basics, ofcourse, but basic shirt + basic cardigan + basic pants equals a pretty boring outfit, i think. so i decided it was time for a little round of "pimp-my-tee". :)

i saw this tutorial on pinterest and i wanted to do it immediately. i went to the thriftstore and i found this really ugly magenta-green-grey-ish tie that looks like it was made to match my green tshirt! i pinned it to the neckline, stitched it, and ta-dah!! a new t-shirt!

next up... a crocheted collar! i actually wanted to try out a pattern for our crafty club: we were gonna make a peter pan collar. but i found the collar way too small so i doubled all the stitches... which looked fine in the beginning but i ended up with a huge collar... too big for what i had in mind, but the perfect size for my grey tshirt! so i stitched it on the neckline, added a little button and now i have a cute peter pan collar-shirt. :) (if someone is interested in the modified stitch pattern, do let me know!)
so there you have it: two new old tshirts! yay! :)


  1. your tie tee turned out awesome! that tie was made for your shirt :) and i'm in love with that crochet collar!! definitely need to try that one. thanks for sharing my ruffle necktie tee tutorial. glad you enjoyed it!


  2. I have that tie tutorial also on my Pinboard. Yours turned out very awesome, indeed. The colors are matching very good. I like the Peter Pan Collar also.

    With kind regards,


  3. Ooooh zalige resultaten, wat is je peter pan collar tof geworden. Beide wil ik ook al lang maken, staan ook verschillende varianten op mijn pinterest. Nu ik dit zie, moet ik toch eens dringend aan de slag, je hebt je shirts echt mooi opgeleukt.

  4. Ah! I love them, especially the Peter Pan collar. I'm going to have to pin these too, though I may never get around to doing it.

  5. oh you are so clever!
    love them both :)

  6. Ik heb ook massa's saaie t-shirts! Deze zijn echt leuk geworden, vooral de groene vind ik geweldig :-) Bedankt voor de inspiratie!

  7. Supergoed gedaan. Die gehaakte vind ik echt heel erg geslaagd!

  8. Wow. Both tops came out great. Found you via the link on the tie tutorial. I have got o try this.


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