as you might have noticed, i'm totally into knitting again! (partly) thanks to my boyfriends granddad!
my boyfriends granddad (also called 'vovo') has never wanted anything else on his feet than handknitted socks! he hates the feeling of mass-produced socks, and says nothing fits and feels better than a pair of handknitted socks. grandma used to knit them for him, but her sight has gotten worse with old age, so my mother in law proposed to knit some pairs for vovo! so every time i visit i find (and pick up) granddads socks-to-be. and it reminds me: knitting socks is fun. :)

so now i'm knitting socks again, ribbed ones, just like vovo's!

 i'm also working on my first "comissioned" knitting, a colleague of mine placed a custom order... i'm very curious about how it's gonna turn out! i'm sure he is too. :) we picked out the yarn together and i have to admit the colours aren't really my taste... but it's a nice change to knit with bright colours!

and ofcourse i still had to show my swatch. i already knew this stitch,  it's very simple but pretty, easy and quick. (so far they all are)
no.8: ribs #2
some of you have been asking how the swatches look when they are put together... when i finished knitting the 10th, i promise i will show! i always put the swatches in a box after i knitted them, so i have no idea what it will look like myself! exciting! :)


  1. Uw enthousiasme doet mij ook goesting krijgen om weer aan mijn sok verder te doen :-) Ooit geraakt ze nog af!

  2. Ik hoor het wel vaker van oudere mensen, hoe ze liever de lekker warme, hard gebreide sokken van hun vrouwlief hebben. Eigenlijk wel een mooi compliment.

    Ik ben altijd benieuwd naar je volgende swatch. :)


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