i finished my first christmas balls! they turn out quite big (note: i do have tiny hands) but that's a good thing, cause we're planning on having a big christmas tree. :)
 here are 2 finished christmas balls, one ball waiting for stuffing and one being knitted. i'm really getting the hang of it, each ball looks better and better!

i also went treasurehunting at the fleamarket this weekend, this is what i bought:
 buttons, as usual.i looove the pink and purple ones, so cute.
and yarn!! i definitely have enough yarn stocked up, but i couldn't resist buying some more skeins as the colors were extremely nice! now i only have to figure out how to get rid of the musty smell... :)


  1. Net gereageerd op je vorige post en hier is het resultaat al!
    Ze zien er schitterend uit!

  2. ze zijn heel erg mooi! Wanneer de boom er staat moet je zeker ook een foto'tje posten!

  3. Leuk leuk, zien er top uit. Maak je straks wel een foto in december van de boom met kerstballen?

  4. Als de kerstboom staat, maak ik z├ęker een foto voor jullie. Beloofd!!

  5. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and taking the time to leave a comment. I love you knitted bauble, so adorable!

    S x


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