after all those granny squares, i couldn't resist crocheting some hexagons...

i love how they look and feel; going for a solid colored hexagon was a good idea! and the boyfriend likes it too (he's not a big fan of my granny square-blanket-to-be)!

i also finished the knitting project that included the intarsia knitting technique. it came out really well but i can't show it yet... so here's a sneak preview!! feel free to guess. :)


  1. Een eendje? ;-)

    En zéér begrijpelijk dat je eens zin had in iets anders :-)

  2. I love them too! Your photos make me want to start knitting and crocheting again!

  3. Oh, love the colors of your hexagons.
    A penguin! A penguin?

  4. Die kleurtjes passen perfect bij elkaar. Mooi mooi mooi!

  5. Moh die Andries toch :) Hoe leuk zijn is je granny square blanket! Maar deze zijn ook wel echt heel tof!


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