shame on me; i've been a very unactive blogger the last few months. it's not that i stopped crafting at all, but everything seems to be going much slower. except for shortening pants and repairing broken zippers, my sewing machine has been unactive too. (poor thing)

i'm really in my crocheting phase right now...i finished some crocheted clothes hangers this weekend; i've been enjoying the sun, crocheting along... (last saturday i discovered a bunch of wooden hangers for only 5 eurocents per piece in the thriftstore... i can't imagine anyone buying clothes hangers that cheap!)
so...3 hangers down, only 30 more to go!

i also spent quite some time in the garden, filling up the little hothouse my dad and boyfriend made together. now all these babies need is some sunshine and water! i hope my sunflowers turn out right, we're also trying to grow cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, beets, parsley, carrots and parsnip... my favourite!


  1. Benieuwd naar alle resultaten van die haak-fase!

  2. Met de zon is het gewoon heel erg aangenaam om te haken. Het zal mooi ogen om alle gehaakte kapstokken in de kast te zien.

    Veel haakplezier nog en succes met de plantjes! :)

  3. Oh die kapstokken zijn toch zo leuk!


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