i'm the kind of person who keeps working on a project even though it is not at all turning out the way it is supposed to... i'm way too stubborn to give up, i always think "okay, so it's ugly now, but i can make it work!". that's exactly how it went with the lucy bag. it looks great and it's supposed to be really easy but mine ended up looking like a slouchy jamaican-style hat. (too bad i don't wear those...)
so i gave it up when the "bag" was almost finished. i (well, the boyfriend to be precise, he loves ripping out crocheting and knitting work) ripped the wole thing out and started over. since it was still not looking great (i blame the yarn or my tight crocheting), i decided to try another pattern. so now i'm trying the starling handbag by futuregirl.
and it's looking good!!
(look at that huge ball of yarn! it's 4 or 5 skeins in different colors knotted together - i was making a striped bag.)

ah....so far so good! :)


  1. Om de een of andere reden vind ik hetgeen je nu hebt al beter dan hetgeen van de eerste foto. Het feit dat de overgang van kleuren zo random is geeft het een extra touch.

  2. Het ziet er nu idd al goed uit. Benieuwd naar het resultaat. Tof dat die tas gevoerd is met stof. Succes!

  3. Ik vind de tweede eigenlijk ook leuker! (En ik ga je volhoudersfilosofie volgen :)


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