hey guys! i'm giving away a free ticket for cocoon, a fair about interior design! we went last year, but we can't go this year. it's a really big and good fair, i'd recommend it to people who are redecorating or planning to, or to anyone who's interested in interior design in general. or for people looking for a nice day out, we usually combine our trip to cocoon with some serious shopping in brussels. :)

cocoon is in brussels expo from 20-28november, and i have one ticket (for 2 persons). only thing is, you can't go on a sunday with this ticket.

if you want it, you can leave a comment until wednesday the 17th, let's say until 17u00. you'll have to promise you're really going though, otherwise we're losing our yearly free ticket! ;) i'll pick someone at random wednesday evening.
good luck!


  1. haha ik doe niet mee, ik sta daar met mijn werk ;)

    maar aan de rest: meedoen, want das altijd de moeite!

  2. Oh leuk, ik doe graag mee! Mooie uitnodiging ook.


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