yesterday my boyfriend and me went to cocoon '09. we already went there two years ago and to be honest, it was a bit of a dissapointment back then. but we had free tickets and we're always up for a little trip to bruxelles, so we went anyway.

most things aren't really worth mentioning, but some things are:

the levis' decorated walls... funny little details!

gorgeous marimekko wallpaper designs by hooked on walls!

if i had too much money, i would buy those (probably expensive) blankets, just to get the box... so cute!

in the afternoon, we strolled around the city a bit and we came across this second hand bookstore, with a nice shop sign:

by the way, we could really use some shopping tips for brussels. we always end up in the same cliché places... and there probably is a hell of a lot more to see than that... we already have got our (mostly english) bookstore-route, but what about second hand, clothing and shoe-stores? anyone?


  1. Les petits riens, Rue Amèricaine, Ixelles
    around DOD, chaussée de Louvain, St Josse (but not so fancy; at DOD u can find nice things though, other DOD rue du Bailli, Ixelles, also nice area!)
    around Grand Place, rue de lombard and other streets but don't know the names by heart
    if specific questions, feel free to ask

  2. ha, ik werk bij hooked on walls! echt super mooie muurbekleding, ben zelfs na een paar maand al helemaal hooked!EN niet zo heel duur ook niet!

  3. ha, grappig. wij hebben thuis juist behangen met de bloemen van de liquid fantasy collectie! echt mooi!
    werk je daar als grafisch ontwerper? want die hebben wel een leuke huisstijl... toen we door de behangboeken aant bladeren waren, viel me op dat zelfs die tamelijk apart waren vormgegeven.. :) me likes

  4. Ja ben daar pas begonnen als Grafisch ontwerper, maak daar het drukwerk enzo... (ook van ARTE) Maar mag ook mee naar beurzen en photoshoots; dus das wel cool :) & Idd heel mooie muurbekleding!


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