Poes P wanted to know how it all began... i guess being crafty runs in the family... i remember my mom knitting a lot when i was young, she even got paid to knit sweaters for Phildar! my grandma also knitted, but i mostly remember her crocheting all kinds of doilies. i never picked up the needles myself untill i was 18, a friend of mine lost her handmade scarf at school and i decided to knit her a new one. i knitted some scarves for friends and family, nothing special really, just easy stitches, nothing advanced.

i also wanted to know how to sew, mostly for practical reasons; i wanted to know how to shorten pants and fix holes. my mother in law got me a gorgeous mint-colored Singer for my birthday two years ago. i never really used it untill i started sewing classes in ghent.

unfortunatly, while working on some more of these little bags, my Singer broke and it couldn't be fixed. so i bought this brand new Janome in december, as a birthday present for myself.
last february i also started crocheting, because i wanted to crochet a blanket... still working on that. :)

so i guess that's my story. as you might have noticed, i'm really in my knitting phase right now (blame the socks!) but i hate sticking to only one craft... it won't take long till i have a crocheting or sewing phase again. :)

feel free to catch the "how-it-began-stick" from me and share your story too!


  1. Bij mij is het naaien ook meer begonnen omwille van praktische redenen. En nochtans blijven de te herstellen kleren zich maar opstapelen...

  2. Hihi, onze eerste werkstuk is hetzelfde :).

  3. Dat handwerkboek is echt een bijbel! Ik heb er nog een ander liggen, maar in die encyclopedie staat echt alles en zo goed uitgelegd. Het boek is van mijn moeder, maar ik koester het al zo!


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