look, how nice, Liesel gave me the happy 101-award. this time you had to write 10 things that make you happy... that's easy, i could write 101 things that make me happy! here's my top 10: (not in a particular order, by the way)

1. my boyfriend and how he holds my yarn when i'm knitting or crocheting.
2. buying cheap or second hand buttons and sorting them by color when i get home. afterwards looking how my pots are getting fuller every time. and, most importantly, when i am in need for buttons for a crafty project... going trough all my pots to find the perfect button!
3. looking back at old design or crafty projects, seeing every flaw and mistake in it, and thinking to myself how much i improved since then.
4. talking with family and/or friends, drinking some wine, eating some olives or cheese... preferably on a warm summer night.
5. receiving letters, postcards, packages by mail. nothing beats a handwritten letter, really. i'm 21 and i still have a penpall!
6. making plans for “the future”, being slightly scared but so excited about it! (and already decorating my future appartment/studio in my head)
7. taking my analog camera with me, taking photos of random things, getting them developed (in a perfect world: developing them myself in the blackroom!) and put the nicest ones in my photo albums. also in this catagory: watching a polaroid picture develop.
8. cleaning my room and messing it up again!
9. planting flower or vegetable seeds and watching them turn into a flower/plant/vegetable!
10. finding unexpected treasures on a flea market! i always look for nice books, tin cans and pretty porcelain, but finding something you weren't looking for (like my sewing box) is even better!

i'd like to give the award to Lilavanille (because i just recently discovered her blog and i'm loving it already) and to everyone else who feels like making their happy-10-list!

also: some photos of my weekend, i spend most of my time sitting behind my laptop (working for school) but i found some time to do some gardening and crocheting... in the sun ofcourse! (another thing to add to the happy-10-list!)


  1. Oh, dat is wel ongelofelijk lief dat je liefje de bol wol vasthoudt terwijl jij aan het breien bent he? Bij mij gaat voorlopig enkel de poes met de bol wol lopen :(

  2. Ach.. ik heb er niet bijgezegd dat hij soms ook met de bollen wol naar mijn hoofd durft gooien, hé. Maar meestal is ie braaf en lief en zo. :)

    Ik heb zelf geen kat, maar toen ik aan't catsitten was op m'n zus haar poezebeest, was het gewoon onmogelijk om te breien of haken... Ofwel werd ie totaal gek van de bewegende priemen, ofwel ging 'm inderdaad lopen met de wol. Gelukkig ben ik meer een hondenliefhebber!

  3. I share many of your happy points with you, especially planting flower and vegetable seeds part:)


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