apparently there's some give-away virus going trough Blogland!
- LaFilleHella is giving away a handmade scarf and 2 cute bowls. i'm not entering because i can fill an entire store with scarfs and porcelain only... ;)
- Dutch Apple is giving away a handmade bag out of recycled materials! it's really pretty!
- Melissa is giving away all sorts of things! all really nice! some fabric, some vintage...

oh and look how beautiful the light was yesterday evening...
i should really start taking more photos again!


  1. Danje voor je link, toppie!

    Ik ben al eens op je site geweest hoor en nu ga ik je ook volgen, ik kom zelf uit het bouwjaar '77 maar de sixties, geweldig! You guys rule!


  2. You should! I love that picture


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