woohoo, i finished my gladys socks! i was so thrilled to finally have them off the needles and on my feet, because i think they might be my prettiest pair yet. :) 
 aahh! happy feet! and picture overload!

let me tell you, this pattern is pure genious! i love how the main stitch pattern goes all the way down the heelflap and i also liked how the sock decreases were divided to give a nice, rounded toe. something to remember!
  i couldn't be happier with my choice of yarn, using a neutral, light-coloured yarn really shows off the stitches. (i used Regia 4-ply Uni in light grey)
 the on-my-feet pictures actually don't show how lovely the stitch patterns are, so here are some of my instagram snaps! 

next thing i'm up to... cables! :) 
wishing you all a lovely sunday night!


  1. Wauw, zo mooi! En knap, dat je daar geduld voor hebt. Ik zou het niet kunnen :-)

  2. Oh wauw, die zijn echt supermooi! Ik heb het patroon direct opgeslagen, voor als ik ooit nog eens sokken wil breien ... (maar eerst Paulie hé ;) )


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