somewhere last year, i somehow got my sewing mojo back! i started simple by making some bibs for babies (and never finished half of them, because i hate biais tape.) but i rediscovered how much i actually like sewing and i made some gifts for my little niece. :)
first of all, i made a hooded towel. i'm all about practical gifts and i like giving someting they can actually use and not grow out of too quickly like clothes. this towel is a bit too big for her now but will last quite some time!
 i picked fabrics to match the knitted blanket... (the colours are more true in the first two pictures) there was no way to photograph the hooded towel properly because i have no baby model, but you can click here  for the cute-baby-picture and also view the tutorial i used (dutch only). ;)
and because i felt like my gift wasn't "finished" yet, i also made colourful, personalized bunting! used some of the fabric i from the towel but also some more colourful fabrics, because bunting should be happy and fun, right? i followed this tutorial (dutch only) to make these!


  1. prachtige spulletjes! Kaphanddoekjes zijn superhandig en degene die je in de winkel vindt vaak nogal saai (want beige of wit of lichtroze ...) Volgens mij gaat daar iemand héél blij mee zijn.

  2. Kaphanddoekjes rulen! Elk gezin waar ik er een voor heb gemaakt gebruikt het intensief. Een nuttig cadeau dus. En met de labels en etiketten zo professioneel afgewerkt zeg! Leuk!


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