hi everyone! 
happy 2015! 
i know i'm a bit late with my newyears-blogpost, but better late than never! :)

it's becoming a tradition to start the new year with a review about the past year, so here i am! i haven't blogged for a while so you will see some things that are new... i know it was silent here on the blog but i that doesn't mean i've been sitting still! 

in 2014 i made a lot of baby stuff, finished my very first cardigan (Paulie!), taught myself how to knit "the proper way" (you know, with the yarn over the index finger), got my sewing mojo back and tried to finish all those everlasting WIP's! 

in 2015 i want to finish at least two big WIP's and knit mittens, a hat and at least one pair socks for myself. and i'm still trying to keep my crafty new years resolutions of last year. :) oh and i'm gonna try to blog at least once a month. ;)

do you have crafty plans for 2015?


  1. Oh wanten, dat moet ik ook nog eens maken!
    Ik ben al benieuwd naar wat je dit jaar gaat maken. Je oog voor detail, bij de projecten zelf en voor de foto's, inspireert me elke keer weer. Vorig jaar was alleszins een jaar vol mooie projecten, dus ik voorspel veel goeds voor dit jaar! :)

  2. Nice seeing you back!
    My crafty plans pretty much have remained the same since my comment in yoru 2014 resolutions blog, haha.
    Nice to know you learned continental knitting! I sort of have a grasp of it in my own knitting but purling continental style has yet to become a fully internalised technique.

    1. thanks, Britney! :)

      actually, i didn't learn continental knitting, i still knit english style! :)

      i changed the way i hold my yarn in my right hand. i had a weird, self-taught throwing style and it gave me wrist pains when i was knitting a project with loads of seed stitch.

      so i decided i should teach myself the "proper" way of holding yarn (wrapped between the fingers and over the index finger), which makes the throwing movement smaller and a lot less painfull for my wrist!

      i've tried continental once, but the purling was so difficult, i gave it up. ;) i'm soooo much more comfortable knitting english style!


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