earlier this month, we went on a camping trip to France. (at Lac de Pannecière in Corancy. which is, to be precise, part of the Morvan Regional Natural Parc. so gorgeous!)
it's becoming a little tradition of mine to cast on a pair of socks before we leave on vacation. (socks are the perfect knitting project to take with you on vacation; small, portable and quick!)

so some days before we left, i cast on a pair of vanilla latte socks with fortissima mexiko yarn from my stash. it's been a while since i knit socks with selfstriping yarn, and i thought this yarn was perfect for the pattern.

also, my boyfriend likes to fish, so when we can, we go to a place where there's a lake. evenings are best for fishing so we spent many evenings at the lake, fishing/knitting until dark, drinking a beer and enjoying the view in the meantime.

we also went to visit a little town called Vézelay, mostly to go and see the abbey (which is pretty amazing), and in one of the tiny, uphill streets, we discovered this yarn shop from "la Ferme du Val Dampierre"... ♥
the shop was full of sweaters, gloves, afghans, gloves, hats, mittens,... all hand knit with yarn from their own farm! they also sold yarn, and i had the hardest time picking something to take home... i was in (yarn) heaven!! (i know that's breaking my not-buying-new-yarn rule. but i couldn't leave without buying something.)
(also in the shop: a cute little dog, shy at first but so sweet. not for sale though.)

i purchased two balls of alpaca yarn (sock weight). ooohhh these colours... this is without a doubt the prettiest, deepest burgundy colour i've ever seen! i paired it with a pretty teal colour. i love how they look together. this yarn is also ridiculously soft... i'm thinking about gloves...(combining the two with some colourwork, maybe?)

so... after a week of relaxing,  we're back to work and once again full of energy!
 don't you love vacation? how did you spend yours?


  1. Dat zag er een ontspannende vakantie uit! En dat winkeltje, zo gezellig! Ik zou er ook iets MOETEN kopen, zeer begrijpelijk :)

  2. Dat ziet er zo gezellig en mooi uit! Wat lijkt het mij leuk om daar 's avonds aan het meer te zitten. En zo'n knus winkeltje. :)

  3. Gorgeous :) Love that yarn display. Glad you had a nice break. Kx

    1. thanks, kylie! that yarn display was what caught my eye first and i was like "oohhh, look, something colourful... OMG THAT'S WOOL!! LOOK!! IT MUST BE A YARNSHOP!!!!!!" lol. :)

  4. Dat wolwinkeltje is een geweldige ontdekking! Nog een maandje werken (heuj, als student ben je blij dat je in de zomer mag werken) en dan steek ik ook eens de grens over :)

  5. Such a nice looking holiday! I love just that burgundy! I mostly just hanged around in the city and wrote my MA thesis (+ knitted of course!)

    1. i'm so happy my thesis-days are over! ;-)
      good luck with yours!!


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