i used to have this blouse that i loved wearing; it had such a fun print and my boyfriend bought it for me years ago when we were just dating. after all that time was almost falling apart, and when a colleague commented on a huge hole under my arm, i decided it was about time to let it go. saying goodbye to it was quite hard (i'm sentimental like that)... so i had the idea to save the fabric and do something with it. make flower brooches, for example!
 the purple brooch was the hem from a dress i shortened, so nothing goes to waste!
 i followed this tutorial! all you need is a strip of fabric, a gluegun and hands that love to do fiddly work. so simple but i love the result. 


  1. Ooh, zo'n mooie resultaten! Dit moet ik pinnen! ;-)

  2. Moooooi! Kan je da ni mee naar studio noppie meebrengen? Leuk volgend projectje! en ik heb een vermoeden dat het paars zelfs afkomstig is van een paars kleedje dat in mijn kast hing ... :-p

  3. great idea. I am terrible at parting with clothes and this would be a good way to hold on to a little part of them


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