my list of inspiring websites, just because:

-craftgawker.com a wonderfull site full of photos of anything crafty. you can login and save your favorites, and file them under your own catagories.
-ravelry.com a knitting and crocheting community, where you can add your own projects and look at everything everyone has ever made. i was absolutely godsmacked when i discovered you can even search for a kind of yarn, and see what everyone made with this particular kind of yarn! very inspiring and helpful!
-sewingweb dictionary a sewing dictionary for english sewing terms. comes in quite handy when trying to follow certain sewing patterns.
-spoonflower.com design and print your own custom fabric! there is also a flickr photo group where you can submit your designs.
-craftpudding.com a collection of crafty projects divided into categories (bead craft, recycle craft, needle craft,...)


-foodgawker.com same concept as craftgawker, only this was first. warning: don't visit this website when feeling hungry. (for romantic gals: there now also is weddinggawker.com )

-design*sponge.com the name says it all.
-bloesem blog and how could i forget the famous bloesem blog?
-dezeen.com for the architecture and design lovers. (all credits go to my boyfriend for this one)
-boberika.com fashion, art, design,... lots of pretty things.
-the curiosity shoppe funny, cute, wacky objects.

graphic design:
-ilovetypography.com for interesting reads about typography.
-welovetypography.com the same as the above, but images only!
-fontfeed.com a journal about typography: new fonts, designers and inspiration.
-bookcoverarchive.com my favorite website about book covers so far. do click "randomize"!!
-book by its cover book covers! books! yay!
-the ampersand a blog dedicated to the ampersand. great concept, lots of found typography.
-typenuts.com a website for downloading free typographic backgrounds for your iPhone. (not that i have one)
-collected visuals all about "visually pleasing findings".


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  1. Thank You! so glad I have found your blog and website now too. Greetings from KL! Irene from Bloesem


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