this was a nice find: a book with the rules for all kinds of cardgames.
comes in quite handy when there is discussion about a certain rule!

except for the rules, the book contains a lot of illustrations of old fashioned playing cards... very nice indeed. which made us remember we still needed to go to the play card museum in turnhout! so we did. there was a really interesting exhibition going on about the playing cards in china - part of europalia china- and the museum also has an impressive collection of printing presses! (on which they sometimes give printing demonstrations!)

i bought these "low vision playing cards" in the shop...

the funny thing about them is that they don't work better for people with low vision. i tried them with my grandma (she's 88) and she couldn't play with them at all. we never even finished our game. habit or malfunctioning cards?
conclusion: not easy to play with, but interesting nevertheless.


  1. het is elke dag rommelmarkt in Brussel ( elke morgen ) op het vossenplein
    ( dat heb ik toch gelezen op een website )
    ik ben op een zondag gegaan (:

    & in gent is het elke vrij-zat- en zondagmorgend normaal ^^

  2. amai elke dag, waarom woon ik daar niet.. :) bedankt voor de info!


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