inspired by Ruth from the Raincloud & sage blog, i decided to share my thoughts on slow fashion, because i feel like it is too important to just let pass again. (and also because it is really interesting to read and see the stories of others concerning this subject!)

last year i just started following the Fringe Association blog and instagram feed when Karen Templer introduced Slow Fashion October. i was already following the Fair Wear Fridays, so the thought of “fair fashion” has also been lingering in my mind for a while. but it wasn’t until Slotober that i realized my behaviour as a maker also is a form of consumption. (that also really “clicked” when i finally sorted out my yarn stash - read more about that here)

Slotober was so inspiring to me, that i decided to create a more “mindful” wardrobe from then on. i set my first steps into dressmaking and decided to buy more second hand clothing and shoes. collecting and creating this wardrobe is a challenge, but it’s happening. the key questions i ask myself before i make or buy are: do i really need this? will this piece last for a while? does it fit my style and will it go with my other clothes?

i still buy new clothes because i simply can’t see myself making my own jeans, shoes, coat,… when i buy new things i try to go for quality over quantity and choose fair/eco brands if i can. (which isn’t always easy to be honest, because not a lot of shops offer those brands and i don’t like ordering clothes online.) resisting buying new clothes is honestly the hardest part for me. i’m used to mindlessly buying clothes (not that i go shopping every month, but when i went shopping i never really thought about it a lot and just bought whatever i liked), so it’s hard not to fall into that habit again. 
my collection so far.

the aspect of making my own clothes is equally challenging. i have developed some sewing skills over the years (nothing spectacular but i think i’ve got the basics covered) and making my first dress ever was a big milestone for me! (and, more importantly, it turned out to be a dress that i love to pieces!) as for knitting: i’m currently knitting a lot of baby things because my sister is expecting, but i definitely want to knit more things for myself. i also cleaned out my favorites in ravelry, because not every interesting project is one that i would love to wear. for example: i love the look of lace, but i’m not the type to wear a shawl with a lot of lace. and why put all that time and effort into something you won’t wear anyway? 
the inari tee dress i made last year

the inari tee i made some time ago
another aspect of being mindful about clothes is mending. i’m bad at throwing away things, so mending the holes in our socks and sweaters has always been logical to me. i’m still having trouble finding ways to mend bigger holes on visible places in sweaters though, so these usually end up as workwear (the same goes for jeans). worn sheets and towels or really old clothes end up as rags for multiple uses, after i cut off the buttons and other useable items. ;)

my biggest motivation behind all this is mostly environmental and humanitarian, but it also fits into the bigger picture of consuming less and being more mindful about the stuff we have. this drawing by Sarah Lazarovic sums it up quite well.

if you'd like to read (or see) more on the subject, check out the hashtag #slowfashionoctober on instagram or go visit Karen's blog
did you follow Slotober and do you have plans or thoughts on the subjects? don't hesitate to comment! :)

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